Quality Control Measures for Aluminum Die Casting

Other Alloys Used in Die Casting Magnesium Die Casting It has a great weight-to-strength ratio and can be machined easily. Magnesium die casting is also able to reduce the corrosion of materials used in zinc die casting and remove harmful repercussions of impurities. The main problem with magnesium diecasting is that it corrodes fast, and this is hard to control. The most effective way of reducing corrosion is to use surface coating modification on the magnesium die casting parts. Magnesium die casting also has the disadvantage of requiring a lot of post-production processing. Its overall production cost is also higher as compared to aluminum or zinc die casting.

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Some of the automotive parts made with a magnesium die casting include: Interior parts: steering column, key lock housing, glove box door, seat riser, console bracket, seat frame, steering wheel, and radio housing Body parts: mirror bracket, spare tire carrier, fuel filler lid, door, and liftgate inner panel, and roof frame Chassis parts: brake pedal alarm, clutch brake, accelerator bike, pedal bracket, mounting bracket, and racing wheel. Powertrain parts: clutch housing, engine block, piston housing, cam cover, valve cover, transfer case, alternator, oil filter adapter, and electric motor housing.

It is resistant to corrosion, has a high hardness, excellent resistance to wear, and has high mechanical properties.

Copper die casting also has excellent dimensional stability with a strength which can be compared to that of steel parts.

The main disadvantage of copper die casting is that it is prone to cracking on the surface, internal cavities, and shrinkage.

Some of the applications of copper die casting include:

1. Electrode holders

2. Electrical switchgear

3. Electrode plates for process industry machinery

4. Spot welding electrodes

5. Die-cast rotors in motors of high efficiency

6. Terminal lugs

7. High amperage circuit breakers

8.Die-cast battery terminals

9. Contact mechanisms

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