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WHAT TOOLS AND MATERIALS ARE USED FOR PRECISION MACHINING? Precision machining can be used with a number of raw starter materials including (but not limited to) plastic, ceramic, metal, composites, steel, bronze, graphite, and glass. In order to make precise cuts and intricate removal of the raw material, a combination of tools may be used. These tools vary depending on the raw material. Frequently used tools include milling machines, lathes, Electric Discharging Machine (aka. EDM's), saws, and grinders. Most commonly used manufacturing equipment is computer controlled heavy machinery that is designed and utilized to remove substrate material creating finely detailed components and piece parts. In some cases, even high-speed robotics and photochemical processes may be used to achieve the desired result for the final product.

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Precision machining is an essential process for creating both large and small items and parts according to strict manufacturing guidelines specifications and critical tolerances. For more information on precision machining and how it can benefit your business, get in touch with Inverse Solutions, the Bay Area’s machining expert.It is important to understand why precision machining is used for a particular part. ● Used to create precise movement ● Reduce the initial cost ● Extended life span for the part, higher precision means less damage in use ● Reduction in the dispersion of the part’s function ● Increase safety ● Increased interchangeability ● Improvement in quality control ● An Increase in the life of a part, better wear, and fatigue ● Allows for greater miniaturization of parts ● Due to the precision and accuracy required for some parts, it is important to maintain a high level of accuracy across the full range of part sizes and to be able to achieve this over a long run. This is where precision machining stands out from anything else.

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