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OEM Parts Machining Services Assuring High-Quality Customized OEM Parts LongPan has become a trusted OEM parts CNC machining services company in China. We offer a comprehensive range of OEM Parts machining services, which helps us diverse simple to complex requirements at quick turnaround times. We can handle any project right from a raw materials sourcing to design, engineering, and prototype building. We value quality control, and regulatory compliance, which helps us assure quality to all our products. We have a vast experience in building parts for clients in defense, semiconductor, aerospace industries and more.

Products Details

• Contract Machining and Manufacturing: We provide contract manufacturing services for diverse industries. From prototype building to a full volume production to Design for Manufacturing (DFM), we provide precise and quality OEM parts CNC machining services. Whether a customer is looking for a basic component assembly or a turnkey production of complex shaped devices, we can help them through our broad array of services. The following CNC machining capabilities have helped us build a long list of satisfied customers: • CNC Milling and Turning: Our advanced CNC milling and turning help us to create parts with precision. Many precision parts and assemblies machined by us are used in demanding applications. Our spindle and live tooling abilities allow us to create complex parts in a single set-up. We employ lean principles throughout the CNC machining process. This helps us reduce the total costs of operation. We can provide many secondary finishing operations, which enables us to ensure start-to-finish production effortlessly. Our CNC turning and multitasking lathes accommodate diameters from 1/32” to12”. We can provide CNC milling up to 4 axes with our largest machining envelope 32 X 64 X 30 high. Our CNC milling equipment can perform vertical and horizontal machining. This enables us to provide additional services such as profile milling, deep hole drilling, and complex milling. Our Design for Manufacturing (DFM) services allows us to recreate existing parts, and ensure cost-effective production. 

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