Custom Anodizing Aluminum CNC Milling Parts

Numerical control machining (CNC) refers to the machine workers use numerical control equipment to carry on the processing, these numerical control equipment includes machining center, turning milling center, wedM cutting equipment, thread cutting machine and so on.  The vast majority of machine processing workshops use numerical control processing technology.  Through programming, the workpiece in the Cartesian coordinate system position coordinates (X, Y, Z) into the programming language, CNC machine tool CNC controller through the identification and interpretation of the programming language to control the axis of the CNC machine tool, automatically remove the material according to the requirements, so as to get the finishing workpiece.  CNC machining processes the workpiece in a continuous way, suitable for large quantities of complex shape parts.

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Precision Machining Services is a world class provider of CNC milling and hard milling services, with a wide variety of  equipment and processes at our disposal. Our knowledgeable staff brings a superior level of consistency to every project, delivering top quality CNC milling. Our superior hard milling services are utilized by a number of industries, from medical, commercial, to aerospace and more. Through continuous process improvement, we are committed to making our CNC milling services even better and more efficient.CNC machine tools can be programmed automatically by CAD/CAM(Computer-aided design and Computer-aided Manufacturing) system in machining shop. The geometry of the parts is automatically converted from THE CAD system to the CAM system, and the machine worker selects various machining methods on the virtual display screen. When the machine worker selects a machining method, the CAD/CAM system can automatically output the CNC code, usually the G code, and input the code into the controller of the CNC machine tool for the actual machining operation.

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